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 Teacher Biographies

                    Terri Adler
 Terri has been practicing yoga since 1998 when she fell in love with it.  After seven years of practice she decided to become a yoga teacher and enrolled in a 200 hr teacher training program at Saraswati River Yoga in New Hope, PA from 2005-2006. In 2007 Terri then received her Yoga Ed teacher certificate and has been teaching children yoga as young as 2 years old! She loves seeing them in such delightfuls poses.  Through a 30 hr training program with Sally Miller, Terri received her Yin Yoga teaching certificate in 2009.  She realizes that it is important to have a steady practice to move you into a place of harmony and peace. There are so many things that come our way that is completely out of our control and by implementing a daily practice of meditation, pranayama, asanas and savasana it moves us from choas to clarity. We learn to pause before reacting and we find that place within us that is grounding and peaceful. Namaste!

                  Rebecca Bartuska
Rebecca first started yoga as a way to keep dance in her life. After dancing through college, the thought of giving it up entirely was terrifying. It wasn’t until the summer of 2014, doing teacher training at Zen Den in Margate, NJ, that she realized yoga was so much more than just a replacement for dance. Meditation and pranayama calmed thoughts, asanas instilled confidence and yamas and niyamas provided a way to evaluate one’s values on and off of the mat. Through yoga, she has grown tremendously as a person and she hopes to share that with her students. Through assisted poses and modifications, she believes each student can achieve the same bliss. With strong Iyengar influences instilled in her through her mentors, Rebecca’s style of teaching focuses on flowing through poses while building towards a peak pose. Proper alignment and meditation are stressed in all of Rebecca’s classes. 

                Nicole Branka
Nicole started practicing yoga in 2001 as a spiritual seeker and traveled doing Seva (volunteer work) at yoga centers throughout the country. In 2003 she started teaching and has certifications in vinyasa flow, yin yoga, meditation, and assist and adjust.  Yoga translates to "yoke" or join together. So many of her teachers and experiences have guided her along the way, each perspective adding to the larger picture. She simply seeks to offer and to learn. Namaste!
       Devin Everett
Devin’s yogic journey began when she was a teenager, practicing in her parent’s living room to a VHS of Bryan Kest.  Over the years, she started to appreciate yoga as a way to release stress and calm her anxious mind.  The more consistently she practiced, the better she felt, inside and out. Through her practice, she has found a deeper awareness of her thoughts, mindfulness in her words and actions, and a boundless search for opportunities to be a better human being. After about a year of consistently showing up to her mat, she decided to register for training in early 2015. She received her RYT200 certification and soon after started her journey sharing the practice with those around her.  You can find Devin teaching powerful, fiery flows as well as classes filled with deep, restorative asanas.  
     Outside of yoga, Devin enjoys cycling, rock climbing, hiking, and experimenting in the kitchen.  Devin’s hope is that her classes inspire her students to live a healthier, happier and more peaceful life.

               Carol Garner
Carol’s yogic journey began more than 15 years ago and has grown into a true passion.  While she is a Registered Yoga Alliance RYT and Certified YogaKids teacher CYKT, she still considers herself a student at heart, as there is always something more to learn from yoga.  Yoga and meditation have taught her how to be humble, grateful and mindful as well as connected to the spirit that lies within.  She has learned that yoga is a process which allows one to experience life with a conscious awareness, growing and manifesting along the way. Yoga has given her the tools to meet life on life’s terms and focus on the present moment. Carol loves to be creative and has a true compassion for people.
     Carol offers Vinyasa flow classes that make it accessible for everyone. Her classes range from gentle flow, beginner to intermediate levels with modifications and challenges for all to explore.  Swimming, reading, long walks in nature and getting in touch with her spirituality, are outside interests that Carol enjoys. She also loves teaching Hot Yoga, challenging her students to find their edge.
Carol resides in Bucks County, has three grown children, a husband who supports her on her yogic path and a dog Bailey who adds sunshine to her day.

                       Carol Greisler
Carol was first introduced to yoga in 2006 during a very stressful time in her life. Connecting mind, body & spirit brought on feelings of peace & calm & the healing journey began. Carol's love for yoga is rooted in the connection between the breath & movement. Her gentle class helps increase flexibility, mental clarity, stress reduction & relaxation. All these benefits of yoga, when put together, contribute to an increased feeling of well-being & an overall sense of calm.  Carol's personal yoga practice led her to Yogasphere where she completed her teacher training in 2013. Carol is so grateful to her friends & family for all their love & support, patience & understanding.  

                                                           Loretta Kane 
Loretta began practicing yoga in 2001 as a means of increasing her strength and flexibility in addition to decreasing stress in her life.  She remembers feeling “2 inches taller” after her very first class!!!  After 12 years of practicing, she knew the time was right to share her passion with others.  With the support and encouragement of family and friends, Loretta began a Yoga Alliance Certified Teaching Training Program in September, 2012 and is now registered with the Yoga Alliance.  She plans on continuing to explore the yoga world by attending conferences, workshops, etc.  

          Christina Kaplan
Born and raised in Newtown Borough, Christina was exposed to the Yoga world at a very young age, inspired by her Mother, Elle Kaplan. Christina gently opened to the idea of yoga and the myriad of benefits as a young girl. In her teenage years, she began to attend classes and workshops alongside her Mother, closely learning through various advanced and renowned teachers such as Seane Corn, Ashley Turner, and Elena Brower. Christina is both very fortunate and humbled to have the ability to learn so much from these unique teachers, most importantly, she is grateful to cultivate such a deep an understanding of Yoga in all aspects of life: physically, mentally, and spiritually through so many different perspectives.
      Carrying this holistic understanding of Yoga into her college experience at the University of Redlands, Christina began to teach impromptu basic yoga classes to her peers. It was then when she realized teaching Yoga was her true, natural passion. Beginning to understand the beneficial power of a daily yoga practice from her own perspective, eager to learn more.
      In the summer of 2015, she embarked on a month-long, intensive journey to the Big Island of Hawaii for her 200-hour Yoga Works Teacher Training, studying under Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch. This being when her passion blossomed and her path became more clear than ever before.
     Now, living back in Newtown, Christina travels on her yogic path. Additionally, she is trained in therapeutic Thai massage, an award-winning artist, and a Reiki practitioner. Learning more each and every single day, recognizing the teachers in all beings everywhere, understanding the importance of balance between effort and ease, her practice is inspired by the connection of our world and the beauty of it all.            

     Renee Laevsky
Renée first started practicing yoga in 2004, shortly after the birth of her son. She quickly began to reap the benefits of her practice, just an hour or two each week when she could focus inward and quiet the mind. By 2007, Renée made a life changing decision to leave her desk job behind and pursue a new career promoting good health and wellness. She became a successful Certified Personal Trainer, and in 2012, completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. In 2014, Renée pursued a degree in physical therapy where she studied anatomy, kinesiology, therapeutic exercise, and rehabilitation.
      For Renée, yoga is a practice that ties everything together and helps her experience the feeling of oneness of the body, mind and spirit. She believes that each time we practice yoga, we have an opportunity to tune in to the present moment, confront our strengths and weaknesses without judgment, and discover our true capacity to live life to its fullest. As a teacher, Renée encourages her students to let go of restrictive thoughts and patterns and to open up to the possibility of discovering an unlimited potential for power and grace.
     Renée currently works at Cornerstone Physical Therapy. In addition to practicing yoga, she loves hiking and camping, spending time with friends, and being outdoors. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Roger Williams University and a master’s degree from Cornell University. Renée is originally from Ithaca, NY, and now lives in Washington Crossing, PA with her son, Jaden, husband, Gary, and their two dogs, Betty and Coda.

            Ginger Solomon
Ginger began practicing yoga in 2008 during a very stressful time in her life.  She wanted to learn if yoga could quiet her mind and the many thoughts that swirled around if only for that hour.  She also wanted to supplement her existing fitness regimen of cycling and weight training.  Through the practice of Vinyasa Flow yoga, Ginger became aware of the importance of linking her breath and movement together, the cornerstone of yoga, which translated literally means “to join”.  Ginger took the lessons she learned on her mat during her Yoga practice to off the mat and in to her private life. She learned how to live a more harmonious and joyful life through yoga.
      Ginger completed her yoga teacher training program at Yogasphere in early 2012 and is a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance.  In February 2015, she completed Level One Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA. Ginger also has a Master's Degree in Anatomy and Physiology which brings great depth and knowledge to her teachings and own practice. Ginger’s passion is teaching new students to yoga the basics of a yoga practice including meditation techniques, chanting, pranayama (breath control) and asanas (poses).  She focuses on the importance of the proper alignment of poses to protect the student while also increasing their strength and flexibility.
      Ginger lives in Washington Crossing with her husband, Ben, and has a blended family of three children, her son Adam and stepdaughters, Meghan and Sarah.  She enjoys spending time with her family on sailing vacations, tending to her flower and vegetable gardens and walking her dogs Buddy and Cookie Dough.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Karen Vanderwall
Karen has long found fulfillment in nature and the outdoors. When she discovered yoga after her first child was born 15 years ago, she began to feel a similar connection with the essence of balance, presence, and sense of interconnectedness.  She also began to realize the grounding and healing potential of yoga.
      As practicing enriched her life, she decided to pursue further training and share the gifts of yoga with others through teaching. her to teach and deepen her practice.
Karen teaches her classes with a focus on meeting students where they are on their yoga journey and guiding them along the many paths of yoga to find wholeness – their true nature - with the knowledge that when students feel fulfilled the student, community and planet will benefit.
      Karen earned her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program through Yogasphere in the spring of 2012 and has been teaching since then.  She continues to participate in workshops and trainings to enhance her passion for yoga and enrich her classes.  She is blessed with a loving and supportive husband and three teenage children.

                     Brooke Weinert
Having lived in several places and practicing yoga in many studios since 2000, Brooke has always found her place on the mat. Yoga has brought her focus, strength, confidence, and greater self acceptance. In 2012, she completed a 200 hour vinyasa flow teacher training as a means to re-boot her personal practice, and through that transformative experience, she now teaches several styles to students of all levels. With a strong hatha yoga base, training in Restorative Yoga, and certified in Reiki, Brooke stresses proper form as well as honoring one’s body and limitations.

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