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          Teacher Biographies
     Alexis Moreau Hartman
Alexis first explored yoga as a teenager and continued to develop her passion for health and spirituality by studying yoga and meditation throughout the years. Her yogic path was guided by many inspirational, world-renowned yoga masters, and is grounded in the Vedic traditions of meditative contemplation and harmonious living with the environment and nature.
Alexis completed her most recent training at Yogasphere in 2008, and is a registered instructor with Yoga Alliance. Her classes are challenging yet adaptable to each individual, uniting breath and movement in a fluid Vinyasa Flow style. Alexis brings a light-hearted spirit to her teaching, presenting an accessible approach to the physical practice helping students reach a higher level of awareness and positivity in daily life.
Alexis lives in Washington Crossing with her husband and two children. She enjoys spending time at the beach, listening to music, tending her garden, and the calming influence of her daily yoga and meditation practice.

                               Carol Garner
Carol’s yogic journey began more than 15 years ago and has grown into a true passion.  While she is a Registered Yoga Alliance RYT and Certified YogaKids teacher CYKT, she still considers herself a student at heart, as there is always something more to learn from yoga.  Yoga and meditation have taught her how to be humble, grateful and mindful as well as connected to the spirit that lies within.  She has learned that yoga is a process which allows one to experience life with a conscious awareness, growing and manifesting along the way. Yoga has given her the tools to meet life on life’s terms and focus on the present moment. Carol loves to be creative and has a true compassion for people.
Carol offers Vinyasa flow classes that make it accessible for everyone. Her classes range from gentle flow, beginner to intermediate levels with modifications and challenges for all to explore.  Swimming, reading, long walks in nature and getting in touch with her spirituality, are outside interests that Carol enjoys. She also loves teaching Hot Yoga, challenging her students to find their edge.
Carol resides in Bucks County, has three grown children, a husband who supports her on her yogic path and a dog Bailey who adds sunshine to her day.
                    Renee Laevsky
Renée is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer.  She began practicing yoga in 2005, attending a variety of hatha, vinyasa and Kundalini classes as part of her overall fitness routine. As a personal trainer, she instinctively began to incorporate elements from her yoga practice into her strength training programs, helping her clients break through their mental boundaries and achieve even greater health and wellness benefits. Both personally and professionally, Renée saw the undeniable power of the mind-body connection, and to learn more, she committed to study and become a yoga instructor.   Renée completed her 200 hour Teacher Training Certification at Yogasphere, Newtown, PA, an intense and thorough program where she studied asana, meditation, mantra, pranayama and yogic philosophy.  She enjoys teaching flowing vinyasa style classes, with a down-to-earth approach. From gentle to advanced, her classes are challenging, yet accessible, allowing students to feel comfortable, regardless of experience or physical ability.
Renée is a native of Ithaca, NY, and she believes that life’s greatest gifts are music, nature, and laughter. She has lived all around the United States, and in Israel. She now resides in Washington Crossing, PA with her son, Jaden and her loving and supportive husband, Gary.
          Ginger Solomon
Ginger began practicing yoga in 2008 during a very stressful time in her life.  She wanted to learn if yoga could quiet her mind and the many thoughts that swirled around if only for that hour.  She also wanted to supplement her existing fitness regimen of cycling and weight training.  Through the practice of Vinyasa Flow yoga, Ginger became aware of the importance of linking her breath and movement together, the cornerstone of yoga, which translated literally means “to join”.  Ginger took the lessons she learned on her mat during her Yoga practice to off the mat and in to her private life. She learned how to live a more harmonious and joyful life through yoga.
Ginger completed her most recent training program at Yogasphere in early 2012 and is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance.  Ginger’s passion is in teaching new students to yoga the basics of a yoga practice including meditation techniques, chanting, pranayama (breath control) and asanas (poses).  She focuses on the importance of the proper alignment of poses to protect the student while also increasing their strength and flexibility.
Ginger lives in Washington Crossing with her husband, Ben, and has a blended family of three children, her son Adam and stepdaughters, Meghan and Sarah.  She enjoys spending time with her family on sailing vacations, tending to her flower gardens and walking her yellow Labrador, Buddy. Namaste!                                                                                                 
                                                         Karen Caggia
Karen wants to share the same sense of well-being, balance and awareness Yoga brings to her life. She is certified through Yoga Alliance and completed her Teacher Training at the Prancing Peacock Yoga Studio in Yardley.
 Karen finds the Vinyasa Style of Yoga a perfect compliment for her love of swimming, dance and movement. “It allows one to fine a powerful connection between mind, body and spirit!” Karen finds joy in sharing her passion of this beautiful practice with others and hopes to inspire them on their personal 

                                                           Lynn Cohen
Lynn began practicing yoga 13 years ago and became a teacher in the summer of 2010. Many people believe that miracles happen instantaneously, and sometimes they do. But yoga allows you to enjoy the journey and to experience the miracles that are happening everyday in our lives on a moment to moment basis.  Since beginning her practice 13 years ago, Lynn has seen her life open up. Yoga was a major contributor in helping her heal from her herniated disc, gave her the confidence to public speak, keeps her flexible and strong, gives her energy, opens doors to deeper parts of herself, inspires her to try new things and has taken her avid meditation practice of 20 years to new heights. A regular yoga practice has the power to unleash any dormant inner capacity we may have and to bring it forth into our lives and into the world.
As an executive coach and trainer, yoga compliments her already existing toolbox as more and more organizations realize the stress reducing and healing benefits of yoga. Lynn loves to hike in nature with her dog Valentino, journal, juice, read, write, ride motorcycles, travel and spend time with her family.  She makes every effort to give her classes an enjoyable experience!
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