BLOSSOM YOGA in Newtown, Bucks County - 2324 Second Street Pike, Newtown (Wrightstown), PA 18940
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Built in the 1700's this historic Barn Studio is home to Blossom Yoga and The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts. Come practice yoga inside its beautiful wooden beamed ceilings! Feel the warmth and serenity of this inviting natural space!
As you walk up the brick laid path towards the studio, let go of your to-do lists and prepare yourself for your yoga practice today.
During the summer months we can practice out by the frog filled lily pond (weather permitting). 
Renee teaching her Hatha Yoga class outside in July. Warm summer breezes  gently carressed students under the stone pavilion. Praciting outside grounds and connects us to the solid earth below and the glorious sky above.
After class, sit for a while by the fish pond and cherish this moment of complete peace and tranquility!
The studio at night! The smell of pine wood and history floats softly in this tranquil space! The 200 year old wooden beams gracefully support the studio and you during your practice.
 2324 Second Street Pike
 Newtown (Wrightstown), PA 18940
  (215) 416-3252
  Contact us at:
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